author care audit

What is an author care audit?

Our goal is to help improve internal processes by assessing your every day author on-boarding processes. This is an important part of not only learning what should be changed, but it’s also a great way for our team to celebrate the unique successful practices you may already have in place that are working, and then cater our recommendations based on the processes that are not. In other words, author care auditing is a means of assisting your team in improving its operations, it’s not only about identifying problems and weaknesses.


An author care audit may benefit your organization through:

  • Analysis of your measures and self-assessment systems to identify the right measures to guide continuous improvement.

  • Identification of best practices for on-boarding new authors, defining best practices and identifying improvement opportunities as well as the gaps that may exist between current operations and those practices.

  • Identification of practices/steps to be reduced, eliminated, or passed on to someone else.

  • Analysis of gaps or overlaps in programs or services and recommendations for how to correct them.

  • Analysis of the roles and functions of the entity and recommendations to change or eliminate unnecessary roles or functions.


What are the steps?

Let us break it down for you: 


Step one: We ask you a series of questions via google form that relate to the systems you have in place around on-boarding and supporting your authors. 

Step two: Once we get your answers back, we may ask you to produce examples of some of these systems.

Step three: We offer you an evaluation of your current systems with recommended next steps. 

Step four: You ask any questions (if applicable)

Step five: You implement the recommendations you feel most comfortable with and that are within your scope. And send us the contact info of your selected authors (if applicable to your package). We have author questionnaires and supports in place and will match our tools with their needs. 

Step six: We send you a re-evaluation survey after six months to check-in.

*Step seven: We prepare a professional written report that you can use in the support materials section of your grant application AND your final report.


programming audit 

What is a programming audit? 

So you think you have an inclusive, well-rounded program. Let us reassure you. Unlike the process of having BSC as guest curators, the programming audit process is a lot simpler. Once you’ve done the work of putting together your program, we will look it over using our event equity and inclusion rubric, evaluate, and offer suggestions and point out potential gaps and problems. 

One of our care consultants will take the information from your answers, combined with website analysis, past events, media representation, past participant experience, and more to create an in-depth report for you to use to zero in on areas your organization can strive to improve in future years.


What types of questions do you ask yourselves when programming? What kinds of discussions take place?

Programming is like playing Tetris, sometimes you have to move the pieces around until they fit. It’s not enough to have a diverse panel (or what one may think is a diverse panel), you need to have discussions around how these artists will interact. Who is the moderator and why? What shape will the panel take? How will Q & A be handled? Do you have separate safe spaces? Is your venue location centrally located and accessible? How do you define accessible? How do you handle requests for scent free spaces? So many questions need to be addressed when you are programming if you hope to have a successful, inclusive, and safe event, rich in artistic excellence. #AndThisIsOnlyTheTipOfTheIceberg. We want to help. 


After the programming audit, we prepare a professional written report that you can use in the support materials section of your grant application AND your final report.


*Only included with author care package tier one.